CorperNaija meets Tonia Idoko

My African Queen (by Olajide Oribamise)

She is a beautiful dark lady born and raised in Africa.
I find her so beautiful,that when she comes to mind,
I become overwhelmed and speechless because I am heavily captivated by everything in her.
I was more dumbfounded when I saw her today because I saw her in a beautifully braided crown which I adored.
Her eyebrows and eye lashes make-up complimented her illustrious shining brown eyes.

Her lovely nose and dark lips enticed me when she stepped out of the changing room.
She had this gorgeous African jewelry on her ears and beautiful neck that glorified her succulent brown skin.
Her fitted braided top showed a glimpse of what she has.
There is no doubt that she is endowed and an epitome of African beauty as she stood before the audience, basking in their applause.
My African Queen has this scintillating beauty i seldom see.
She reminds me of the beautiful scenery of Motherland, Africa.



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