My Call Up Experience (Pt. 1)

The problem was that I wasn’t even sure I was going to graduate.
That was a big problem! All i did was sleep and when culminated, it would have added a good seven or eight months to my life Span.
Wow!! Was my dumbfounded response when my course mate called to say “babes, Wasup? When you are coming to pick your call up letter don’t forget to bring my T-shirt oh!!!”
Okay……… what call up letter would that be?
Mr lecturer had spotted me a few weeks to my final year exam and swore to test his devil strength on me!! So I don’t know what call up letter Allen intends to use to draw this snake out of her hole.
And just like magic, he goes on to say “yeah I copied your call up number for you before the list gets torn by the wild ones, do you have a pen there?”
“Uuuuuummmmmmm” was all I could say
“ Allen, did you see the spelling right? I mean…. did you see my name well? you know now, all the issues with ‘Mr Rat’ did you really see my name?”
Allen is the really smart one, so I felt bad as soon as that came out but I needed to be sure. “ yes now! Or has your name changed from………….? Plus you’ll buy me this unit you’re playing lawyer with! Your call-up number is 441231, and don’t forget to come with my ‘T’ shirt!”
“Wow” that’s all I could say before he hung up. No ‘thanks’, nothing, just ‘wow’.


To be continued….

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