Surviving the diversity of NYSC

“All that technology would make you happy and keep you looking valid, but really, the best things in life are free!”
One of the best ways to maintain sanity in a strange land is to keep your happiness within your reach!!!  I mean, you must get to that point where…. your sense of self is not over exaggerated but adequately acknowledged and accepted by you yourself.
Here are a few ways to achieve that:

Pay attention to yourself, know what ticks you, know what keeps you moving, understand your moods. This would help you relate better with others. And give you a soft landing as you try to adapt or settle into your new environment.

Come to terms with your flaws and strength, and in a very humanly possible way, try to blend in without disturbing your own mental balance and that of people around you. This takes extra mind work but is possible and important. It helps you define who you are before some misconstrued perceptions others may have about you ruffle you up. That alone gives you confidence. Which is very important when you are miles away from home or an environment where your supply of love and security is assured.

New can be cool, free your mind from the assumption, norms and what’s ideal. I’m not saying change who you are or what you have known. But give your mind space to see a new type of life and be willing to experience it in an unbiased way. Try new food, gestures and some basic things that would make you a bit more acceptable.

Time: until you fall in love with the place and decide to settle in permanently, you are only required to spend a year, surely if you are not a one-year-old baby, you know one year is a short time. Something about time intensifies our thresh-hold for pain, or discomfort, maybe because there’s that assurance that it won’t last forever. This sort of helps you make out the best of your time. Keep time in mind.

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