CorperNaija Entreprenuers

Youth entrepreneurship gives young people the opportunity to chart their own destinies. Entrepreneurship involves wealth creation leading to gainful employment and advancing society, the need therefore to strengthen entrepreneurship programmes. We are aware that if the youths are mobilized to embrace entrepreneurship it would go a long way to reduce societal crimes like armed robbery, kidnapping, drug abuse, immoral behaviours etc.

The need to create value in the lives of our Youths has given rise to various calls for inculcating entrepreneurship skills amongst them. Here at CorperNaija, we are actively seeking young individuals with marketable ideas, skills, talents and rare gifts, whose potential when structured for business growth, will significantly make an impact in their immediate environment and create sustainable wealth.

We are currently in talks with representatives from the Bank of Industry, SMEDAN and number of private organisations and investors to identify, support and grow the entrepreneurship space with tangible results. Our team of business experts are available to help with refining your business idea, registering your company and seeking out available startup funds/investors.

While we shall continue to identify and feature youths making great endeavours on this page, please feel free to reach out to us (via email or call us on 08111533315) with your creative idea(s) and we will be glad to assist you.