Career Services

We strongly believe that every youth/corper is blessed with a unique talent/gift which should be identified early and developed. Either a Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Linguist, fashion model, Social worker etc, we believe that ones innate talent should be identified early and groomed to full potential.

We provide career support services focused to assist youths, corpers to make better informed decisions. Every period across various locations we have career fair events, mentoring sessions, counselling and advisory groups interact with youths and corpers, under very conducive environment.

Furthermore, we organise, facilitate local and group trainings to give the youths and corpers cutting edge information that will enhance their knowledge base and deepen their numerous skill set. Additionally, we advertise corper-specific jobs to our subscribing members via our social media channels (as members benefits).

We also provide professional CV writing services, profile/personal brand development services for an affordable fee. Please click this link to buy a coupon for CV writing.