Medical Services

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Health insurance Services

Our bouquet is designed to be flexible and to suit individual needs while providing access to quality healthcare and best service delivery. Get a health cover that is designed to suit your specific needs and enjoy access to quality healthcare and superior service delivery. With our wide range of carefully selected hospitals nationwide, hospital pre-booking service and a 24/7 Customer Contact Centre from our partners.

Roaming Advantage

Our services are nationwide. You can access medical services from any location you find yourself across the country.

Custom Services

If you require Health Plans or International Health Plans simply send us an email below or fill the form below.

Pre-book Services

Our registration process is very simple and ease to complete. An affordable health plan with access to quality healthcare for you & your loved ones. Complete the form below to get started.

Get yours today

This service is targeted towards ensuring that corps members have access to the best health care services within their host communities. We partner with excellent, service oriented health management organizations (HMOs) to provide corps members with affordable medical insurance plans and periodic medical checkups.


Don’t wait till an emergency happens. Get free medical checkups during our periodic road show activities.

Location is everything

We have our medical care giver facilites spread across the country. Sign up and enjoy health insurance services, no matter the location of your place of primary assignment.


Medical Services

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